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The Nasreen Mohamed Dietitians Practice Approach

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Located in Cape Town, South Africa, Nasreen Mohamed Dietitians Practice consist of professional Dietitians who specializes in nutritional therapy and dietary education. Committed to forming relationships with clients looking to manage their nutritional medical conditions, Nasreen Mohamed Dietitians Practice is always there for guidance and to reinforce healthy lifestyle habits.

Are you looking to make a change?

Nasreen Mohamed Dietitians Practice is here to set you on the path to good health. Browse through the site to see the variety of services offered to help you achieve your goals.

Nasreen Mohamed Dietitians Practice was established in 2016 at Rondebosch Medical Centre, and due to the quality services provided, the practice soon expanded to Life Vincent Pallotti in Pinelands and recently collaborated with Assic, the African Sports Science Institute, and Orthopaedic Clinic in Foreshore Cape Town.

Nasreen recruited a team of exceptional and skilled dietitians ,who work in collaboration with medical professionals who are at the top of their field. Nasreen Mohamed Dietitians come highly recommended, they are committed to providing evidence-based nutrition services and staying up-to-date with the latest research and developments in the field of dietetics and nutrition.

Nasreen Mohamed

I am a Registered dietitian with over 20 years of experience in the field of dietetics and nutrition. I received my Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from the University of the Western Cape in 2001. I was fortunate enough to work at 2 of the biggest academic hospitals in Cape Town from 2001 to 2016. It was here where I developed a passion for oncology and gained extensive experience in various areas of nutrition.


During my time in oncology, I was responsible for the academic training of dietetics students. I have worked with patients across the spectrum of cancer care, from those newly diagnosed and undergoing treatment to those in survivorship.

My clinical experience has given me a deep understanding of the unique challenges that cancer patients face in maintaining their nutritional status, including the effects of cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. My approach to patient care is centered around providing individualized nutrition counselling that takes into account a patient’s medical history, treatment plan, and personal preferences. I work collaboratively with my patients to help them establish realistic nutrition goals that can be achieved within the context of their cancer journey.

I believe that good nutrition is essential for maintaining strength, energy, and a healthy immune system, which can help support cancer treatment outcomes and quality of life. I am passionate about empowering my patients to take an active role in their care by making informed decisions about their nutrition and overall health.

My passion for nutrition was further driven when I was diagnosed with PCOS, my personal experience on the struggles with weight gain and insulin resistance made me research the topic of women’s health in-depth. This is where I found so many misconceptions, inaccurate information on diet and nutrition and the management there of, finding my way through this maze of information helped me to manage my patients with the understanding and empathy that was dearly lacking ,as management of PCOS entailed more than a matter of “just losing weight”.

I constantly keep updated and am continuously learning about nutrition; besides my degree I also have a diploma in advance sports nutrition from Barca Universitas and a Fodmap certificate from the University of Monash

Outside of work, Nasreen enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and staying active.

Ghumayrah Aziz (Registered Dietitian)

Professionally, I’m passionate about all things nutrition, but my special interests revolve around renal nutrition, advanced GIT (Gastrointestinal Tract), and critical illness. You’ll often find me geeking out over the latest research papers and exploring innovative approaches to help my clients achieve their health goals.I believe in a personalized and holistic approach to nutrition, tailoring my recommendations to fit each individual’s unique needs and lifestyle.

I’m not here to judge your love for ice cream (because, trust me, I love it too!), but rather to empower you with the knowledge and tools to make sustainable choices for your overall well-being.When I’m helping to transform lives with my nutrition superpowers, I can be found exploring the culinary world. Yes, I’m that foodie, while I’m not much of a chef myself (let’s just say my cooking experiments are best left unmentioned), I’m definitely the kind of person who appreciates the joy of eating.

Degress / Education

  • Bsc Dietetics (2018)
  • Masters in Therapeutic Nutrition (2023)

As a dietitian, I’m here to show you that healthy eating doesn’t have to be dull or restrictive. I’ll help you find that perfect balance between nourishing your body and indulging in your favorite treats. After all, life is too short to say no to that mouthwatering slice of pizza or that irresistible scoop of ice cream!

So, whether you’re seeking advice on managing renal conditions, optimizing your gut health, navigating the complexities of critical illness, how to dine out healthily, decipher confusing food labels, or simply want to explore new flavors without compromising your well-being. I’m here to guide you with expertise, enthusiasm, and a big appetite for all things delicious.


Welcome to the Diet and Nutrition Help Center. Nasreen Mohamed Dietitians Practice has compiled some of the most frequently asked questions from clients over the years. Perhaps you’re wondering the same thing that was on somebody else’s mind. Should you have any other questions that were missed, do not hesitate to reach out.

Will my medical aid cover dietitian services?

We do accept medical aid however cannot guaranty that medical aid will cover. It is the patient responsibility to check with their medical aid before making an appointment.

What forms of payment does Nasreen Mohamed dietitians practice take?
  • Medical aid
  • Cash
  • Debit / Credit Card
  • EFT
What are the prices?

Please contact us regarding package prices or individual consults by using the contact us pathway, you can select request a quote under select service.

Whats do the consultations consist of?

A consultation normally consists of an initial assessment, where the dietitian will gather information about the individual’s training regimen, athletic goals, dietary habits, and medical history. This information helps the dietitian to create a personalized plan that is tailored to the individual’s needs. A meal plan consultation and follow ups to monitor progress and make adjustments to the plan as needed. The frequency of these sessions may vary depending on the individual’s needs and goals.

What is an InBody 120?

The InBody 120 is a body composition analyzer scale that uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology to measure the user’s body composition. BIA technology sends a low-level electrical current through the body and measures how easily it flows through different types of tissue. Based on the resistance values, the scale is able to provide information on the user’s body fat percentage, muscle mass, and other body composition metrics.